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Day/Time Reevaluation?

Hello, all!

After unsuccessful drabble attempts the last two weeks and fairly lackluster turnout the weeks before that, I thought maybe we should reevaluate the day/time of drabble night? Right now it's Sundays at 9pm EST.

Does anyone feel it would be better to have it at a different day/time?

Also I realize that you all might benefit from a reminder, so I'll try to remember to post in this community the day before.

Or any ideas you guys have for recruiting new people would be welcome!

I'm honestly not sure if there's something I'm Not Doing Quite Right or if it's just that drabbling is out of fashion at the moment, heh.
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(no subject)

Just a friendly reminder that there is more thedrabblesquid drabbling tonight!

I am about to grab some dinner so will not be in the chat room until right when we start (or a few minutes late, sorry!). But feel free to congregate in the chat room without me - thedrabblesquid on AIM as usual.

See you soon!
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17 June, Round 5

1. Wrapped around my finger; Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter), Mark/Maureen (RENT)

2. Comic books; Fred/George (Harry Potter), Peter/Isaac (Heroes)

3. Perfume; Fleur/Tonks (Harry Potter), Veronica/Mac (Veronica Mars)
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(no subject)

Hello, all! Just a reminder that drabbling is on for tonight. Chat opens at 8:30 PM EST as usual. :)

(FYI I personally will not be able to participate because I'm swamped tonight, but I'll still be there to throw up prompts for whoever wants to!)
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10 June, Round 5

1. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms; Ginny/Luna (Harry Potter), Claude/Bennet (Heroes)

2. Yours til the meatball bounces; Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter), Kim/Ron (Kim Possible)

3. Eating the magic mushrooms; Dobby/Winky (Harry Potter), Doctor/anyone (Doctor Who)