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Drabble Night Procedures

Okay, here's my first try at how this should work. Hopefully we can find the kinks in this and make it better. :-D

Submit prompts at the prompt suggestion box at any time. (Optional.)

On the actual drabble night/day, you can start congregating in the chat room half an hour or so before the scheduled time (the first one in Sunday, June 3 at 9PM EST so the chat room will be open at 8:30PM EST). The chat room is on AIM and the name is "thedrabblesquid". Feel free to simply invite yourself, or to ping Ravenflaw (Violet) and she'll invite you.

Each round of drabbling will work like this:
- The mod will post to thedrabblesquid community with the prompts for the round.
- You will pick a prompt and have FIFTEEN MINUTES to write a drabble (no word min/max, but the sweet spot is 100-500 words).
- Post your drabble as a TOP LEVEL COMMENT to the community post, with the prompt you chose in the subject line. If your drabble is adult (R or NC-17), please note this in the subject line as well.
- Read other people's drabbles and comment to them or squee at them in chat about how awesome they are. There are 10 minutes between each round to read/comment or take a potty break or whatever.
- There will be about 4 rounds, which makes it about 2 hours long... but if people are still around and want to keep going that's certainly do-able! And obviously feel free to come and go as you please. :)

The way that prompts work is like this:
Each prompt contains 1) a phrase/prompt/idea, and 2) 2 pairings, one Harry Potter, and one from some other fandom. For each prompt, a drabbler can write: 1) the HP pairing, 2) the other fandom pairing, or 3) some pairing of his/her choice or gen (from either HP or some entirely different fandom).

Example prompt: "walk the line", Percy/Tonks, House/Wilson (House, M.D.)

With this prompt, a drabbler could write A) Percy/Tonks, B) House/Wilson, OR (examples) C) House/Cuddy, Doctor/Jack (Doctor Who), Snape/Lupin (Harry Potter), Harry Potter gen, etc. But every drabble MUST incorporate the theme "walk the line".

There will be at least two prompts to choose from for each round, depending on how many I have in the kipper.

So basically you can end up writing whatever you want, and the reason to do this is that with a multi-fandom drabble night, we want to make sure that everyone CAN write something (because after all, you might not be familiar with either HP or the alternate fandom). However, part of drabble night is to CHALLENGE yourself! So if you ARE familiar with any of the pairing prompts, try to write it! That's our motto here at thedrabblesquid: STRETCH YOURSELF! This might even be a fun way to discover new fandoms. ;)

One thing that I would rather decide by consensus of drabblers rather than making the decision myself is to whether there should be an age requirement to participate. There will probably be a poll/discussion about this in the near future, but for right now I'll leave it be with the caveat that you should definitely heed the adult content warnings that may appear on drabbles.

The mod (violet_quill) or designated helpers should be the only ones making posts here to thedrabblesquid, as all drabbles take place in comments. HOWEVER, everyone should join squidporn (a social community commandeered from the currently-on-hiatus drabble comm queerditch_pub), where you're free to chatter about anything or have squid fights or post drabbles during the rest of the week or do whatever else you like. :)

These procedures are very open to change/evolving/whatever. They're just my idea for what seems easiest and will work the best, but as things actually start up, it may turn out that I'm very, very wrong. :-p

So please bug Violet with any suggestions/comments/whatever, either here in this post or during the chats or any other time (her AIM is Ravenflaw and YM is shyvioletquill and email is shyviolet[at]gmail.com).

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