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Prompt Suggestion Box

Drabble promps should include: 1) a phrase/prompt/idea, and 2) 2 pairings, one Harry Potter and one from some other fandom.


"The Internet is for porn." Snape/Harry, House/Cuddy (House, M.D.)

"Werewolf Kama Sutra" Remus/Tonks, Oz/Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

"Beauty and the Beast" Hagrid/Fleur, Michael/Pam (The Office)

All pairings (het, slash, femmeslash) are welcome.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE PAIRINGS or both pairings if you don't want to. For example, if you're not a Harry Potter fan, feel free to suggest a prompt that just has the one pairing, and the mod will add the HP pairing. Or if you can't come up with pairings or don't care, just submit the prompt.

Some weeks there will be an overarching theme (for example, book titles, or poetry, or cliches, or pastiches, or something to that effect). If that's the case, it will be announced the week before and there will be a note here.

Always feel free to suggest general prompts! They'll be picked at random for use.

Comments are screened, and will be deleted after that prompt has been used at a drabble night.

(Also, if you want to make sure that your prompt will be used during a drabble night that you'll be at, feel free to include dates that you either will or will not be there.)
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