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Second Drabble Night!

I've got the chat room up and running, so feel free to come in any time: just invite yourself to "thedrabblesquid" on AIM or ping me (Ravenflaw).

Also, feel free to submit some prompts if you haven't done so.

Also! Please COMMENT HERE with your AIM name and a list of your favorite fandoms. I'll make an attempt to pick fandom prompts based on who's drabbling. Thanks! (The point of this is so that A) I don't prompt fandoms that no one's familiar with, and B) there aren't people in the room who never get their fandoms in prompts - so the more you list, the better!)
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Hello, all! This is just a reminder that there will be another drabble night this Sunday at 9pm EST, same as last week. That seemed to be a good time for everyone. If you think that's not a good time, comment here and make your case. :)

Also, please put in some prompts so I don't have to make them up myself!

Another thing that I'm going to do (at some point before Sunday) is put up a post where everyone participating can comment with a list of their favorite fandoms. Last week, I tried to tailor the prompts a little towards who I knew was in the room - but I obviously don't know EVERYONE, and I'd like to continue to try to make sure that there's something for everyone with each prompt, at least to the extent that it's possible. So be on the lookout for that.

So I'll see you guys on Sunday! And tell your friends - the more the merrier. :-D

P.S. Also, I apparently posted this to my personal journal hours ago instead of here, and just now noticed. *headdesk* I'm still a bit under the weather.
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3 June, Round 5

1. dead puppies; Ginny/Cho (Harry Potter), House/Wilson (House, M.D.)

2. 1950s sock hop; Voldemort/McGonagall (Harry Potter), Jim/Karen (The Office)

3. gone fishing; Sirius/James (Harry Potter), Faramir/Boromir (Lord of the Rings)
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3 June, Round 1

Remember: You only have to pick one prompt, and you only have to pick one pairing from that prompt (or a pairing of your own).

1. the Discovery Channel; Luna/Neville (Harry Potter), Foreman/Cameron (House MD)

2. nightmares; Remus/Snape (Harry Potter), Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars)